From the Director’s Desk

K.N. Vijayan

M.A. (English), M.Ed.,
L.L.B.,P.G.D.L.L., P.G.D.C.L

IAPS is an educational odyssey and symphony of Harpavat Charitable Trust in the field of scholastic education. It has created ripples in the academic world with its dynamic presence, in a couple of years. Any educational venture is a quadri-polar process – a Management with a vision, mission, and devotion, the staff with dedication, the students with well goaded fixity of purpose and firm determination, and parents with unstinting support and unflinching co-operation.

We believe, we are fortunate enough to have all these and more. We know it is a long way to trudge and miles to go. From a mumbling unsteady toddler to a well-moulded, well-groomed and responsible adult is an evolution of stages. We are stage-setters and trend-setters in this early metamorphosis. We are engaged in a divine mission, showered on us by virtue of being architects of the destiny of a nation.

Planted as a sapling in the fertile soil of Balicha, precisely on 19th April, 2007 and nurtured and nourished in a conditioned conducive climate through tender care and caresses and petted and patted with lullabies, it has become a full grown plant so suddenly to such a strength unwavering and unimaginable. Soon it will have a thousand blooms – its cherished dreams.

She is capable of withstanding all the odds and onslaught on her personality to stand invincible to serve, as service is her mission. IAPS is lighted for life, to enkindle and enlighten all who enter through her portals in to this Temple of Learning. So come and join us and be part of the benefactors.