IAPS School Facilities

Information Technology with E-Learning

Computer Lab IAPS

The academic and non-academic activities of the school are I.T. based and I.T. oriented. The latest I.T. based learning and comprehension methods are provided to our students. Our network of computers ensures a regular and speedy flow of information within the school and serves as the window to the world outside. Multi-media teaching aids, CD-ROMS and E-testing etc. are provided so that both the students as well as teachers take advantage of E-learning revolution. Our school will provide web-based lessons which will help our students to learn their daily lessons, do homework and other assignments speedily and efficiently.


The school has a cluster of laboratories practically for every subject. We have Science Labs, Computer Labs, Mathematics and Social Science Labs, Multi-Media and Audio-Visual Labs etc. each of which helps in developing scientific thinking and analytical mind in each and every student.



Our library with the rich collection of the latest books is the invaluable assets of our school. A lot of reference books in a variety of subjects are stocked for the benefit of students as well as teachers. Children are motivated to develop a taste for reading from the very beginning of their school life. Educational magazines, Periodicals and Newspapers are also provided to update our students and keep them in touch with the latest knowledge in the world.



The school has its own fleet of buses providing safe, secure and convenient transportation facilities from every part of the city. They are manned by mature and trained drivers and conductors who are personally sensitized to the needs of the children, especially the smaller ones.

Insurance Cover

The maximum insurance cover for all students will be up to a maximum of Rs 50000/-.


Scholarships may be provided to the needy and deserving children. A format in this regard is to be filled in and submitted to the Harpavat Charitable Trust for consideration and the decision of the Trust will be final and binding in this regard.


The school uniform is a part of our Dress Code and discipline which helps us in cultivating a feeling of unity, pride & loyalty and exhibiting a sense of belonging to the institution. Details are given in the diary.

Student’s Diary

NB:- PARENTS ARE REQUESTED TO CHECK THE DIARY DAILY. Each student must have a school diary which has to be brought to school daily. The diary contains the general rules and regulations of the school, which everyone has to abide by. It acts as a ready reference for finding the schedule of activities, functions, tests, holidays, examinations etc. which are spread over evenly all through each scholastic year. It is an easy means of communication between the teachers and the parents and vice-versa. It acts as a mirror in reflecting the Academic records, discipline and daily performance level of the students.


Click here for Fee Structure . Tuition fee is charged for all the twelve months of the session and must be paid as per the fee-schedule. The administration reserves the right to fee revision as and when required to meet the escalating needs. Except the caution money, any fee once paid, cannot be claimed for refund. An admission remains provisional, till the relevant documents and the payment of fee is cleared. The last date of payment of fee is 15th of every month, thereafter a fine of Rs 5/- per day will be charged for a month and the defaulters will not be allowed to attend the classes further.


Promotion of a child to next class is based on quality of regular and satisfactory work done during the whole year and on the cumulative results of all the tests and examinations taken together. A minimum of 80% attendance in school is required for promotion.